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By on Wed 15 Apr 20

Founder and Webmaster – AJ, K6LOR

Growing up in Paradise, California, the site of the 2018 Camp Fire incident and a near year round fire season, I immediately was drawn to the complex incidents ran by then CDF-Fire (now CALFIRE) and their cooperators. Active in ARES as a high school student in Utah, I spent time working large federal fire and natural disaster incidents after moving to Idaho in 2002. With a background in state law enforcement communications and telecom, I’ve spent the better part of two decades hardening RF and optical networks to withstand the worst Mother Nature can throw at it. Based in Middleton for the last 10 years, I maintain several amateur repeaters in the area that support public service and regularly monitor federal fire in the Boise area. An expert in Cable TV (CATV) leakage detection and correction, I currently work in field engineering and project management for a large cable broadband provider.

Administrator – Tyler, K7XTS

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Contributor – John, N7JFH

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