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Welcome to the updated IdaScan!

By on Mon 13 Apr 20

Over the coming weeks we will be updating the content to reflect a couple specific focuses:

  • Federal Fire in the Boise area – especially as things start heating up for fire season
  • State Law Enforcement and Natural Resources
  • Conventional Fire and EMS in Southwest Idaho not currently on the ICAWIN digital 700 MHz trunked system

Sit tight as we develop our staff and contributors to bring up to date information for those of you still rocking an analog scanner!

Nampa PD Dispatch live feed added!

By on Fri 29 May 09

Still working on getting the embedded player to show up…

Launch Player switches again!

By on Fri 28 Oct 05

By the nature of this site being a fluid creation, it’s become necessary yet again to change Content Management Systems to WordPress. Previously we’ve used Joomla and MaxDev, but neither really provided an easy to use simple front end and, more importantly, an easy way to add new content without a nightmare for the admins.

Please note that you need to register in order to post comments or add content. The server is currently allowing file uploads of up to 1000 kb as part of your content. Please do not abuse this.

Thanks so much for visiting!